ABOUT Tamana Shokudo

  • 2017/5/15

we are proud to serve our customers delicious organic vegetables and other healthy and safe japanese delights to all people.


ABOUT Tamana Shokudo

Tamana Shokudo, formerly known as Natural Food Studio, opened its doors in 2011. Since then, with the increasing awareness of food, health and the environment, the organic restaurant has been attracting not only vegetarians but all the food lovers across generations and cultures.
Taman Shokudo is located at a quiet corner of Omotesando, which is the most fashionable shopping district in Tokyo. Although the place is little hidden from the main Aoyama street, our presence came to be known in the neighborhood by word of mouth of people who are fascinated with our food, and now we are recognized nationwide through media.


Tamana’s foremost priority is to serve our customers delicious meals which would keep them in good health. For the purpose, we set traditional Japanese fermentated recipes and Macrobiotic principles as our two main philosophical pillars. Our nouvelle Japanese cuisine is a mixture of French, Italian and Japanese cooking style with Macrobiotic principles.
Our aim is to let people all over the world to experience the authentic organic food, which many people often have stereo-typed image of bland and boring. Many of our carnivore customers found their delightful surprise and satisfaction with vivid dish up and volume of our vegetable meals. Mothers and children fully enjoy their meals because they knew that we use the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients that are locally produced by the conscientious farmers.

We also run cooking school “Tebegoto Kyoshitsu” and grocery store “Tabemono Shoten” to share our ideal and joy of having good food with as many people as possible.

Our professional staffs continue consistent effort to maintain and improve our high standards of services.

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