TAMANA SHOKUDO We are proud to serve our customers delicious organic vegetables and other healthy and safe Japanese delights to all people.



ABOUT Tamana Shokudo

Tamana Shokudo, formerly known as Natural Food Studio, opened its doors in 2011. Since then, with the increasing awareness of food, health and the environment, the organic restaurant has been attracting not only vegetarians but all the food lovers across generations and cultures.
Taman Shokudo is located at a quiet corner of Omotesando, which is the most fashionable shopping district in Tokyo. Although the place is little hidden from the main Aoyama street, our presence came to be known in the neighborhood by word of mouth of people who are fascinated with our food, and now we are recognized nationwide through media.


Tamana’s foremost priority is to serve our customers delicious meals which would keep them in good health. For the purpose, we set traditional Japanese fermentated recipes and Macrobiotic principles as our two main philosophical pillars. Our nouvelle Japanese cuisine is a mixture of French, Italian and Japanese cooking style with Macrobiotic principles.
Our aim is to let people all over the world to experience the authentic organic food, which many people often have stereo-typed image of bland and boring. Many of our carnivore customers found their delightful surprise and satisfaction with vivid dish up and volume of our vegetable meals. Mothers and children fully enjoy their meals because they knew that we use the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients that are locally produced by the conscientious farmers.

We also run cooking school “Tebegoto Kyoshitsu” and grocery store “Tabemono Shoten” to share our ideal and joy of having good food with as many people as possible.

Our professional staffs continue consistent effort to maintain and improve our high standards of services.

Address and Access

Tamana Shokudo
3-8-27 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062

Tel: Int +(81) (0)3-5775-3673
Fax: Int +(81) (0)3-5775-3674
Mail: info@tamana-shokudo.jp

Opening hours
7 days a week
Lunch:Weekday 11:00~15:30(Last order 14:30)
     Holiday  10:00~15:30(Last order 14:30)
Dinner: 18:00~22:30(Last order 21:30)

  • After walking past the shop, you shall see our wooden vertical signboard in Japanese(see the picture below) on the ground of small street between the car park “24h Times”.
  • Walk down a slope.
  • Turn left at the first crossroad. We are at the very end of the road.
  • Customers arriving by car

    1. From Shibuya, drive Aoyama Street 246 Line towards Akasaka direction.
    2. Drive past Omotesando crossing.
    3. After driving past the third small road on your right, there will be “24h Times Aoyama Dori Dai-ichi (http://times-info.net/map/parkdetails/BUK0023340.html) ”

    ※We do not have our own car park. The nearest toll car park is this “24h Times Aoyama Dori Dai-ichi (http://times-info.net/map/parkdetails/BUK0023340.html)”. The parking space is limited. We suggest that you use other means of transportation especially on weekends and public holidays.

    Customers taking taxi

    1. From Shibuya, drive Aoyama Street 246 Line towards Akasaka direction.
    2. Drive past Omotesando crossing.
    3. Turn right the third small street on your right(Minami Aoyama 3 chome 12).
    4. At end of the road, you will see “Hotel Floracion Aoyama”.
    5. Turn left and take the first left (Minami Aoyama 3 chome 7).
    6. Turn the second street of your right side (Minami Aoyama 3 chome 10). We are at the very end of the road.



    Englkish_lunch All come with complimentary organic coffee or Japanese tea.


    Luxurious 5 course meal without any animal proteins.


    Our signature set lunch of wonderful vegetables and traditional fermentated recipes. We use about 40 different ingredients to maximize nutritious balance.

    • Seasonal vegetables with Bagna càuda sauce
    • Tempeh salad with fruit dressings
    • Thick deep-fried bean curd marinated with malted syoyu
    • Miso soup and brown rice
    • Assorted traditional Japanese side dishes


    Packed with grilled seasonal vegetables. We only use the finest natural yeast bread. A gigantic American diner’s size!





    Gateau au chocolat, Brown rice pudding, seasonal fruit compote, fruit cake, etc.



    Dinner We serve a new dishes in this summer.

    Very selected vegetables & natural fishes from Shirahama.

    Antipast of organic vegetables,”Norimaki” and some Tofu with malted salt.
    Cold Soba with summer seasonings.
    Shiogama of vegetabies
    special soup plenty of enzyme included is delightful !
    Brown riceball with soymilk souce escalgot style
    Summer vegetables of various colors ,marinated sward fish with Citrus emulsion.
    brown rice,miso soup, tukemono.

    Tamana course

    Selectable menu course

    Aegean course

    *From Monday through Friday, we accept lunch time reservations only for parties able to be seated before 12pm. Parties arriving after 12pm on Monday through Friday, and for Saturday,Sunday and Holiday lunch, will be seated on a first come first served basis.